Is the internet making us less original?

Is the internet making us less original?

I couldn’t believe it. I had come up with a great joke. ‘I was a hipster before it was cool’. I would put it twitter and show the world how clever I was.

Then I goggled it. I wasn’t clever, the joke had been made before… by a lot of people.

Then there was the time I thought I had a truly original idea. Why don’t supermarkets grow lettuce on the roof! People could pick it and it would be totally fresh – the supermarket wouldn’t have to pay any money to transport it. Everyone would be a winner. 

I was pretty proud of this idea. I told people about it at parties.

One day, I don’t know how, I stumbled across this article:

Someone was already doing it.

It all left me thinking about how the internet, great as it is, shows us just how uninspired we are, just how predictable we can be.

How do we deal with having our unoriginality rubbed in our face? Do we accept it? Do we try and fight it? Maybe I just need to stop goggling my ideas.

Vocationally speaking, for a lot of us it doesn’t  matter. Bar staff don’t need to be original. Accountants don’t need to be original.

Fuck, even writers don’t need to be original. Go pick up a random book from a library, how many of the books there are ground breaking, and how many are just the same old stories that we’ve been reading for centuries, rehashed.

I know that I want to be original, but maybe that’s just my ego talking. Maybe I just need to be validated by thinking I’m special. Maybe it’s foolish to try and be original in a planet of… what is it now… 7 billion?

On the other hand…

I don’t want to read the same old crap. I don’t want to see the same movie in a hundred different incarnations. I don’t want my brain to have it easy. I want it to be given new things, things that it doesn’t understand. I want the world to still surprise me.

So if I want the world to be original, don’t I have a duty to create something original myself?

The internet isn’t making us less original, it’s telling us the truth. Just like how that dress doesn’t make you look fat… it’s your fat that makes you look fat. The dress just doesn’t lie to you as well as the other dresses. 

Do you think everyone wants to be original? Do you think some people just want to be like everyone else. And if they do, is that okay? Or is that bad? My head is so full of western ideals about individuality that I can’t think about it objectively. 

Maybe some people need to be original, and some people don’t – and both are fine. So which one are you? I think I need to be original. It feels wrong not to try. If you’re like me, I want you to know this…

The internet is telling us the truth. We have to up our game. We have to read more. We  have to think more. We have to listen more. We have to fail more. We have to be more adventurous. We need to take more risks. We need to try things that hardly anyone else is trying. We need to be a jack of all trades – but the trades have to be disparate and eclectic.  

Let’s use the internet to cut out the crap. Let’s embrace the truth and try harder. Let’s be original for a change.

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  • Jessy

    Best thing I’ve ever read. Mind blown .

  • Alex South

    Thank you! :) I’m still bummed out about my lettuce idea – ha ha!