I hate moving house!!!

I hate moving house!!!

Nothing punishes materialism like moving house. At some stage you end up surrounded by boxes overflowing with clutter, shaking you first at the heavens and shouting, “why do I own so much stuff!”

Suddenly that bubble blowing machine gun, and the fish that sings Merry Christmas seem like rather over-the-top possessions, rather than the diamond investments they first seemed to be on that giddy day when your wallet was full of money, and your heart full of boundless possibility.

I’m exaggerating, I don’t really own those things. But I did have a lot of useless stuff that I had to get rid of.

But it’s over and I’m ready to start blogging and writing again – here’s my plan.

I have two books on the way. One of them is called the Monster That Bit People to Life. It’s set in a world where no-one has any passions. Everything is dull and boring, but then things start to change, as people get bitten by a mysterious monster… I’m currently working with a cool guy called John, who’s helping me illustrate it.

The other book is a zombie thriller, which is currently saved on my computer as ‘Alex’s Super Zombie Story’, ahem… I’m toying with the idea of calling it ‘Dying Breaths’ though. It’s set in the UK, and it’s going to be one of those books that grabs you at the beginning and pulls you along at ‘breakneck speed’ – as they say. But that’s a cliche, and it sounds like it would be unpleasantly fast, maybe I should say it pulls you along at ‘your neck won’t break but your cheeks will be pushed back and you’ll like daft speed’.

In regards to this blog, I’m going to post every two weeks on a Monday. That means I can write a post one weekend, and spend the other weekend promoting the posts I’ve already written – which should lead to this blog getting in front of a few more eyes. My weekdays will be for writing fiction.

So, that’s all from me for today. My next post will be in two weeks time.



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  • Jonathan Hill

    Great to see you back, Alex.

  • http://www.sevenstorieshigh.com/ Alex South

    Thanks man. I’m happy to have posted something to get myself back into the swing of things.